Collaborative user interface testing

Unify your tech team and improve quality from UI concept through to automated testing

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Optimise your team's testing workflow with Video First App - the collaborative tool that supports and improves your methodology.


Native or browser - if your UI can be displayed on a screen then Video First can capture it.

Be it a manual or automated test, use Video First to host versions in a single repository and increase team visibility of UI progress.


Play, approve and share videos with your team. Video First's rigorous review process documents progress and promotes reliability.


Share video reports from your library of UI test videos - why not create a weekly sprint summary overview?

As your UI progresses to completion, Video First supports the transition from expensive manual to efficient automated tests.

"Quality is important to us, so we decided to use Video First from the start. It's a great collaborative tool that's helped to ensure the quality of our UI.

The transition from a spreadsheet approach to a video based repository enabled us to save engineering time and increase quality."

Oliver Lennon - CEO,

Why test with Video First App?

Are your design visuals out of sync with your user interface?

Our dashboard uses captured video to help ensure your product UI does what it should. Read more

Do you lack visibility on your existing suite of UI tests?

Lots of companies are still using Spreadsheets and outdated technologies. Video First provides a central repository for your UI testing. Read more

Is managing your remote testing teams causing headaches?

We live in a connected world. Video First provides a single central collaborative hub for all your testing, regardless of their location. Read more

Have regressions occured in your user interface?

Regressions in your UI can be embarrassing and expensive. Video First provides a visual audit log of all your testing. Read more

Do you find your manual testing is expensive and error prone?

Manual testing is necessary when initially building your software but is expensive when catching regressions. Video First captures video from cost efficient automated testing. Read more

Are you concerned about the impact of testers leaving your organisation?

When testers leave you can lose lots of expertise and training new staff takes time and money. Video First helps this transition, your testing is stored in a categorised library of videos. Read more

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